20 August 2021


I thought you might like to see the progress of the William Morris quilt that I have been making on the little Willcox & Gibbs sewing machine.

I now have all the patchwork blocks completed, there are 30 in total, and have started quilting as I go one block at a time, I can then join the blocks together with a strip of fabric. I am really enjoying hand quilting, a block does not take long and in no time at all I have a row completed.

The final layout of blocks

Finished blocks

The first completed row with hand quilting

A small William Morris pattern design red fabric is going to be used for the joining strips which I think will show the blocks off well. The same design in green will be used for the small square blocks at the intersection of each red strip. I think I might also use the green as an edge binding at the end, with the red as the backing.

I have laid the blocks onto the red fabric to see how the finished quilt will look, it will just need the green squares added.


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