12 January 2019 - Visit to Beckford Silk

Happy New Year! 2019 has brought new ideas for projects, the main one being to make panels for two rather nice metal 3 fold screens. With these in mind I visited Beckford Silk in the Cotswolds before Christmas to buy 1/2 metre lengths of various colours to experiment with, some of this fabric will also come in handy for making small samples ready for two Nuno Felting Workshops that I have been asked to run this year. Whilst at this wonderful Silk shop I found 4 long scarf seconds with William Morris prints, well being a big William Morris & Arts & Crafts fan these just had to go into my shopping bag! I am now considering using them to make up the nuno felted panels and then to stitch some of the pattern outlines. - Watch this space!!

Beckford Silk is am amazing place, so many colours to choose from. They also have a great web site with a very interesting video of how they make the scarves, well worth watching. www.beckfordsilk.co.uk

I have now purchased a large light box, 80cm x 80cm, which is proving very useful for photographing items for the Chrysalis web site shop. Today I have just finished photographing and updating the shop so everything should be on there now.

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