6 July 2021 - My latest addition to the Sewing Machine Collection and a William Morris Fabric Project

Welcome to my latest blog. I have been quiet for rather a long time, but I am now back on course with an updated web site & Instagram page - @Chrysalisarttowear_

Here in my studio I have been collecting vintage and antique sewing machines and now have 11 including a rather lovely Singer treadle machine. The latest addition is a beautiful Willcox & Gibbs automatic tension chain stitch sewing machine. I bought it in a local online auction and it is in really good condition, producing a lovely chain stitch.

I have been wanting to make something using William Morris pattern fabric for some time now, last year I made a dress using Pimpernel design fabric and have some more of this design in green colours waiting to be used. Anyway, I thought I would make a patchwork cover to go on top of the bed, I had made one years ago for my late parents for their Ruby wedding anniversary & it is now on our spare bed. 3 packs of William Morris Fall squares were sitting on one of the studio tables waiting to be used so I have now started the project using the Willcox & Gibbs machine.

With the pattern I am using I will need to make 49 squares to make the cover, it will have a very thin wadding as I do not want a heavy cover. So far I have made 5 squares, just another 44 to go! I will keep you updated on my progress.

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