Chrysalis Art to WearChrysalis Alpacas was started in 2002 with 2 male alpacas joining our Merino sheep. The following year a pregnant female was purchased with male cria at foot, joined a year later by another 4 females. Since then we have been slowly increasing our herd with home bred animals, and now have a small pet herd for their fibre and wool.

We have always been fibre orientated, hence our flock of Merino and Merino cross sheep that we kept for over 30 years and won many championships with their fleece, and the alpacas were seen as the next step taking over from the sheep that we no longer breed. Our alpacas all have lovely soft fibre in a mix of colours including white, pale fawn through to black. A lot of the fibre is sold to hand spinners after it has been sorted, but some is kept for my felt work. Our alpacas are quiet, inquisitive creatures who always love to come and see what is going on.